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The IDW magazine DOLPHIN contains articles on subjects like these.

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IDW was established in 1978 by Dr. Horace Dobbs to study dolphins and use the information gained to counteract the exploitation of dolphins and halt the rapid decline in their population throughout the world. Ten subjects were identified including chemical and plastic pollution, drift netting, captivity and hunting.

One of the first projects undertaken was a dolphin survey in collaboration with Sir Richard Harrison, Professor of Anatomy at Cambridge University who collaborated on the production of The Dolphin Spotter’s Handbook. This was intended mainly for ship’s crews, coastal walkers etc. as part of a deliberate policy to involve ordinary people in the gathering of data and thereby encourage them to become directly involved with dolphin issues. To extend this policy to cover all age groups, a dolphin art and essay competition was organised for schools and was judged by HRH Prince Charles at Buckingham Palace.

A supporters club was formed to provide funding, increase awareness and gain support for protective measures. The IDW Supporters Club has grown steadily over the years and has become a powerful global network, dedicated to the care and understanding of dolphins.

Information about dolphin activities and issues around the world is disseminated via the journal DOLPHIN. One of the main functions of DOLPHIN, is to fulfil the desires of members who wish to become involved with dolphins by helping them to develop their own projects or join existing ones. We want to promote the idea that everyone can contribute to the well-being of dolphins and the marine environment, especially non-scientists.

A major ongoing project started in 1986 is OPERATION SUNFLOWER. Its aim is to investigate the healing and therapeutic power of dolphins. A proposal for the creation of Dolphin Therapy Centres (not of course involving any captive dolphins) was published by IDW and this has now developed into the Dolphin Dome Project. By spreading knowledge of such beneficial effects of dolphins it is hoped to change attitudes in a non-confrontational way, especially in countries with a low regard for conservation. A measure of the success of this policy is that Dr. Dobbs has become a regular visitor to Japan since being invited there to open the world’s first Whale and Dolphin Healing Temple! Operation Sunflower is now also exploring how dolphins might help us to understand and treat autism.

IDW Membership

IDW membership costs £15 per year in the UK, £25 overseas.

New members receive a superb pack including back issues of DOLPHIN magazine, a poster and information about dolphin projects (including Dolphinicity Surveys), swimming with dolphins, campaigns and dolphin therapy.

Send a UK Cheque or International Money Order to IDW or join on-line!

To join IDW or Adopt a Dolphin, follow this link to www.idw.org

Adopt and Watch a Dolphin

The Adopt and Watch a Dolphin Pack costs £10 for UK residents, £15 for overseas.

There are 4 dolphins available:

Echo (England), Star Dance (Scotland), Sun Spirit (Wales), Funghie (S. Ireland)

The pack includes a photograph of your dolphin, an Adoption Certificate and the Dolphin Adoption and Watching Handbook.

Send your UK Cheque or International Money Order to IDW or join on-line!

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International Dolphin Watch is a non-profit organisation dedicated to the study and protection of wild dolphins and the marine environment.