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Humpback Heaven at Whitby!

In September 2010 we were delighted to observe and photograph our first humpback whale in the waters off Whitby. Another was seen off Spurn Point. Since then, we have seen humpbacks most years, along with many, many minke whales and occasionally sei and fin whales. White-beaked and bottlenose dolphins are also sometimes seen. Log on to (also on Facebook) for the latest news about sightings.

Elsewhere in the UK, unusual sightings have included beluga and bowhead whales usually seen in the Arctic but other species are regularly seen all around our island nation!Log on to for more information and sightings news from around the UK!

Thank you to all the supporters who have signed up to petitions against the slaughter of pilot whales and dolphins in the Faroe Islands, the commercial whaling continued by Japan, Norway and Iceland and the keeping of dolphins and whales in captivity. 

There are many more petitions worthy of your signature at

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