Harbour Porpoise

Harbour Porpoise c. 1.5 2m

The Harbour Porpoise has no beak and a small triangular fin. Usually seen in groups of 2-5, it swims with a slow rolling motion. It rarely bow-rides and tends to keep a safe distance from boats. Common inshore, this is the most likely sighting although often difficult to spot unless the sea is quite calm.

Please email robin@dolphinspotter.co.uk with any sightings. 

Tell us simply WHAT you saw, WHERE it was and WHEN you saw it!

WHAT - If you are CERTAIN about your identification, it helps if you say so. If not was it PROBABLY, or POSSIBLY a certain species? 

WHERE - Were you on land or a boat? If possible give us Lat and Long, a Grid Reference or the name of the place e.g. Flamborough Head.

WHEN - The date and time is all we need. If you don't have an exact time, just give your best estimate.

If all you are sure of is that you saw something with a fin please still email us to let us know! We'll be quite happy with an identification of " I saw some sort of porpoise or dolphin near Spurn Point. It was about 2:30 on 20.8.04!"

If you can tell us about wind force, direction, sea state, cloud cover etc. it is very useful but the WHAT, WHERE and WHEN is the most important!

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